The Complete Android O Developer Course: Build 23 Apps

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88 Lessons (37.5h)

  • Introduction To Android Studio
    Installing Android Studio On MacOS2:35
    Installing Android Studio On WIndows2:04
    Android Studio Overview10:59
    Opening Sample Projects1:59
    Opening Sample Projects (Android Studio files)
    Customising Text Views14:08
    Customising Text Views (Android Studio files)
    Buttons & Interactivity15:40
    Buttons & Interactivity (Android Studio files)
    TextFields (Android Studio files)
    Displaying Messages9:37
    Displaying Messages (Android Studio files)
    Working With Images14:19
    Working With Images (Android Studio files)
    App Currency Converter18:49
    Currency Converter (Android Studio files)
    Introduction To Android Studio Quiz
  • Java Deep Dive
    Hello World17:24
    Hello World With Java (Java files)
    Variables (Java files)
    Arrays And Maps15:01
    Arrays And Maps (Java files)
    If Statements10:44
    If Statements (Java Files)
    Higher Or Lower17:28
    Higher Or Lower (Android Studio files)
    Loops (Java files)
    Classes And Objects12:38
    Classes and Objects (Java files)
    App Number Shapes28:42
    App Number Shapes (Android Studio files)
    Java Deep Dive Quiz
    CCA Java Level 1
  • Media, Images, Video
    Customising App Layouts7:44
    Customising App Layouts (Android Studio Files)
    Fading Animations12:55
    Fading Animations (Android Studio Files)
    Other Animations9:10
    Other Animations (Android Studio Files)
    Game Connect 345:13
    Game Connect 3 (Android Studio Files)
    Video (Android Studio Files)
    Controlling Audio9:20
    Controlling Audio (Android Studio Files)
    Audio Volume & Seeking19:53
    Audio Volume & Seeking (Android Studio Files)
    Grid Layout4:51
    Grid Layout (Android Studio Files)
    App Basic Phrases12:21
    App Basic Phrases (Android Studio Files)
    Media Quiz
  • Advanced Android Features
    List Views22:34
    List Views (Android Studio Files)
    Times Tables App25:30
    Times Tables App (Android Studio Files)
    Timer in Android Studio11:26
    Timers In Android (Android Studio Files)
    App: Egg Timer39:03
    App: Egg Timer (Android Studio Files)
    Showing & Hiding UI Elements7:31
    Showing & Hiding UI Elements (Android Studio Files)
    App: Brain Trainer64:14
    App: Brain Trainer (Android Studio Files)
    Try & Catch8:57
    Try & Catch (Java Code)
    Downloading Web Content23:30
    Downloading Web Content (Android Studio Files)
    Downloading Images15:37
    Downloading Images (Android Studio Files)
    Advanced String Manipulation17:56
    Advanced String Manipulation (Java Code)
    App Guess The Celebrity41:48
    App Guess The Celebrity (Android Studio Files)
    Processing JSON Data22:38
    Processing JSON Data (Android Studio Files)
    App Whats The Weather37:26
    App Whats The Weather (Android Studio Files)
    Advanced Android Features Quiz
    CCA Java Level 2
  • Maps & Geolocation
    Using Maps In Your Apps7:52
    Using Maps In Your Apps (Android Studio Files)
    Customising Your Maps8:51
    Customising Your Maps (Android Studio Files)
    Getting The User's Location17:13
    Getting The User's Location (Android Studio Files)
    Showing The Users Location On A Map19:14
    Showing The Users Location On A Map (Android Studio Files)
    Getting Information About Locations16:32
    Getting Information About Locations (Android Studio Files)
    App: Hiker's Watch40:33
    App: Hiker's Watch (Android Studio Files)
    Adding A New Activity21:30
    Adding A New Activity (Android Studio Files)
    App: Memorable Places60:21
    App: Memorable Places (Android Studio Files)
    Maps & Geolocation Quiz
  • Permanent Data Storage
    Storing Data Permanently40:47
    Storing Data Permanently (Android Studio Files)
    Customising The Action Bar10:45
    Customising The Action Bar (Android Studio Files)
    Using Alert Dialogs26:02
    Using Alert Dialogs (Android Studio Files)
    App: Notes43:28
    App: Notes (Android Studio Files)
    SQLite Databases28:09
    SQLite Databases (Android Studio Files)
    Advanced SQLite18:10
    Advanced SQLite (Android Studio Files)
    Webviews (Android Studio Files)
    App: News Reader Part 130:00
    App: News Reader Part 224:34
    App: News Reader (Android Studio Files)
    Permanent Data Storage Quiz
  • Instagram Clone
    Setting Up Parse Server On AWS19:51
    Setting Up Parse Server On AWS (Android Studio Files)
    Advanced Parse Techniques18:38
    Advanced Parse Techniques (Android Studio Files)
    Advanced Queries11:22
    Advanced Queries (Android Studio Files)
    Parse Users8:42
    Parse Users (Android Studio Files)
    Login & Signup30:21
    Login & Signup (Android Studio Files)
    Advanced Keyboard Management10:29
    Advanced Keyboard Management (Android Studio Files)
    Showing The User List12:43
    Showing The User List (Android Studio Files)
    Importing Photos From The Camera28:09
    Importing Photos From The Camera (Android Studio Files)
    Viewing Users' Feeds22:29
    Viewing Users' Feeds (Android Studio Files)
    Instagram Clone Quiz
  • Kotlin
    IntelliJ and Setup8:34
    Variables, Strings, and Ints4:45
    Math and Comments6:00
    If Statements and Booleans4:34
    Lists and Arrays4:37
    For Loops5:50
    Our First Kotlin App10:57
    Our First Kotlin App (Android Studio Files)
    Java and Kotlin6:27
    Java and Kotlin (Android Studio Files)
  • Bluetooth App
    The Basics11:10
    The Basics (Android Studio Files)
    Device Discovery10:56
    Device Discovery (Android Studio Files)
    Device Detail8:11
    Device Detail (Android Studio Files)
    Listing Devices and RSSI15:53
    Listing Devices and RSSI (Android Studio Files)
  • Super Mario Clone
    GDX Setup8:04
    GDX Setup (Android Studio Files)
    Jumping (Android Studio Files)
    Sprites (Android Studio Files)
    Coins & Bombs22:41
    Coins & Bombs (Android Studio Files)
    Game State14:33
    Game State (Android Studio Files)
  • The Extras
    Adaptive Icons7:24
    Adaptive Icons (Android Studio Files)
    Fonts - Dowloadable XML8:59
    Fonts - Dowloadable XML (Android Studio Files)
    Autofill and Autocomplete11:28
    Autofill and Autocomplete (Android Studio Files)
    Version Control10:43
    Version Control (Android Studio Files)
    Picture in Picture12:55
    Picture in Picture (Android Studio Files)
    Introduction to Daydream11:09
    Introduction to Daydream (Android Studio Files)
  • Android Wear Mini Course
    Hello World With Android Wear7:49
    Hello World With Android Wear (Android Studio Files)
    Adapting Apps For Different Watch Faces9:10
    Adapting Apps For Different Watch Faces (Android Studio Files)
    App People Counter8:47
    App People Counter (Android Studio Files)
    Working With Lists5:42
    Working With Lists (Android Studio Files)
    Voice Input6:32
    Voice Input (Android Studio Files)
    Communicating With The User's Phone14:34
    Communicating With The User's Phone (Android Studio Files)
    Notifications (Android Studio Files)
    Custom Watch Faces8:22
    Custom Watch Faces (Android Studio Files)
  • Twitter Clone
    Signup Login22:06
    Signup Login (Android Studio Files)
    Following & Unfollowing Users23:49
    Following & Unfollowing Users (Android Studio Files)
    Sending Tweets14:33
    Sending Tweets (Android Studio Files)
    View Your Twitter Feed19:39
    View Your Twitter Feed (Android Studio Files)
  • ARCore App
    What is ARCore?8:22
    What is ARCore? (Android Studio Files)
    Exploring ARCore7:02
    Exploring ARCore (Android Studio Files)
  • App Marketing
    App Marketing22:12
  • BONUS CHAPTER 2: WhatsApp Clone
    Login & Signup25:06
    Login & Signup (Android Studio files)
    The User List12:11
    The User List (Android Studio files)
    The Chat Activity19:47
    The Chat Activity (Android Studio files)
  • BONUS CHAPTER 3: Flappy Bird Clone
    Introducing GDX7:40
    Introducing GDX (Android Studio files)
    Working With Sprites14:26
    Working With Sprites (Android Studio files)
    Interacting With Sprites12:52
    Interacting With Sprites (Android Studio files)
    Bringing In The Pipes23:21
    Bringing In The Pipes (Android Studio files)
    Collision Detection19:21
    Collision Detection (Android Studio files)
    Scoring (Android Studio files)
    Game Over Screen11:08
    Game Over Screen (Android Studio files)
    Flappy Bird Quiz

Become an Up to Date Android Developer with This 37+ Hour Course to Help You Build Your Apps

Rob Percival

Rob Percival is a self-described coding geek and heads the popular Web hosting and design service Eco Web Hosting. He is passionate about passing on his knowledge to eager students, which has led him to run Code School in Cambridge, England every summer. Additionally, he is an influential online instructor and looks to guide students through tutorials such as those in this course.


Get up to speed with the newest updates in Android development with the web's top instructor, Rob Percival! The Complete Android O Developer Course will help beginners start building their own Android apps from scratch using the newest techniques released in Android O. From development and design to security and storage, this massive course leaves no stone unturned.

  • Access 88 lectures & 7.5 hours of content 24/7
  • Learn how to build & design secure Android apps avoiding Android Vulnerabilities
  • Work w/ Android layout tools to design attractive & responsive layouts
  • Use SQLite as local database storage & MySQL as remote database storage
  • Build apps w/ a real-time database using Firebase
  • Create clones of real world apps & online games like Twitter, Tic Tace Toe and Find My Phone


Details & Requirements

  • Length of time users can access this course: lifetime
  • Access options: web streaming, mobile streaming
  • Certification of completion not included
  • Redemption deadline: redeem your code within 30 days of purchase
  • Experience level required: all levels


  • Internet required


  • Unredeemed licenses can be returned for store credit within 30 days of purchase. Once your license is redeemed, all sales are final.
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